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The National Safe and Healthy Schools and Communities Network (NSHSCN) is the new name for the on-going work of what was known as the National Network of Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities (NNSDFSC). Decades of prevention science is the basis for work with youth under a myriad of funding streams, completed by professionals with a wide array of job titles and educational backgrounds. The nexus of this organization is to mirror the current "braiding" philosophy, to serve as a cross-discipline forum for what science indicates is the best practice in assisting communities and schools to address positive youth development. The Network primarily focuses on the following areas:

  • Providing its members with opportunities to network with other interested professionals from across the county; and
  • Sharing resources and knowledge with professionals interested in topics surrounding school climate, bullying and violence prevention, student assistance programming, and substance abuse prevention.


The NNSDFSC was created in 1996, when it became clear that a unified, organized voice was needed to enhance communication between federal, state and local agencies on what was the Safe and Drug-free Schools and Communities (SDFSC) Program. In the past, the state-level SDFSC Coordinators, Governor's SDFSC Representatives and some Local Education Agencies (LEAs) made up the membership of this Network. Many local and state education agencies no longer have designated full-time SDFSC coordinators.

As changes continue to develop at the federal level, the most important function of the Network continues to be to communicate those changes to those who would like to receive it. Thus, Network membership is currently being expanded to include any individual who self-identifies an interest to remain connected to other professionals in similar positions.

Join our Network

Information that will be shared via this Network will be what the Executive Committee deems important to the 'membership' as a whole. Please feel free to send comments, suggestions for improvement, additional resources or links to [email protected] . Please also know that you may elect to remove your name from our contact list at any time by emailing that same address. Please know that in 'joining' and sharing your contact information, we will not be sharing or selling it to any outside organizations or companies.

We appreciate your willingness to join with us and look forward to continuing our communication with you.


Verne C. Larsen
National Safe and Healthy Schools and Communities Network

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